Diwakar Wahi

Very nicely written Rohit ! Love your passion. Your write-up stirred up a lot of old memories … the best part was the cricket we used to play in front of our house and the Table Tennis on our Dining Table with a row of music cassettes in serving as the Net…Great Olden Days…!!

Prerna Varma

 It’s was indeed very nostalgic post.. it’s just amazing to see mamaji, mamiji, matayi, bhaiya, didi and u of course.. Haven’t seen such pic of matayi’s ever.. Felt so amazing.. I miss them all so much.. mamiji’s heartfelt laughter..

Mohinder Malhi

 Wonderfully hilarious story. Beautifully combined the hard work and comedy of effort. Keep the kitchen and passion on.

Tanu G Ahuja

That’s amusing 😍Glad you are enjoying each moment & will cherish them


Hahah….I could have had “that” butter chicken too…being a vegetarian. the alloo jeera 😀 What a beauty… you write so beautifully…as if we were right there !!!! Thank you for sharing…dil maangey more 🙂

Manik Godhwani

Loved it..the simplicity and the reality of almost every household 🙂

Vivian Fung

 LOL, when the best batch of butter chicken vanished, pull out the whiskey! Smart move, papa! 😄

Nisha Gurnani Mehtani

 Just loved it! It was just amazing and I laughed a couple of times!You should get in kitchen more often and pen down your experience and share with all!May be Covid situation makes you a great chef and superb blogger!Great read Rohit Manchanda ❤️🤗