Butter Chicken in Not so Easy Steps

Sharing about the fond culinary experience from childhood in my last blog got me thinking about that time and, of course, the butter chicken. Since we were also running out of groceries, I decided that it was time for me to step out against all odds.

Age of Plenty- History of Delhi through its Food

The Age of Plenty never got over in Delhi — And though it was looted and devastated Delhi, for months the streets were filled with tears and blood, but one thing that no one was able to take was the taste of Delhi.

AnnaMaya – Andaz Delhi – Food Blog

Walking the Talk” Walking into Hyatt Andaz is like visiting a flea market; where you can try amazing food, learn more about new recipes during your interactions and take few ingredients home. Their menu has India written all over it. Indian spices and herbs add flavour to the bland continental dishes and make them even…

Old Delhi Havelis and Food Walk

Old Delhi is in a true sense what we call Delhi and rest I would say is all around it. I loved the energy of this place as it’s very warm and welcoming. What makes everything special here is that every interaction you have in Old Delhi, you are touched by the warmth with which…