Japan- Complete Guide to Hakone visit from Tokyo – Hakone Free Day Pass

Even on a short trip to Japan, it is very important to move away from Tokyo to understand the flow of energy, beauty and calm which is part of Japanese life all across the country. The best way to do this is to take a one or two-day trip to Hakone which is less than 100 km from Tokyo. Part of Fuji- Hakone- Izu National Park, It’s a hilly area with amazing views of Mt Fuji from various locations like Lake Ashi, Ropeway stops, Hotels and more.

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If you start looking for things to do in Tokyo at various websites, the top thing to do is a day trip to Hakone and surrounding locations. We wanted to save money and chose to do this trip at our pace by buying this pass. Of course, a guide on the package tour is invaluable, but if you like to to do things at your pace and plan to stay an extra night go for this pass

Hakone free pass gives you unlimited access to all modes of transportation in the area ie Buses, Shuttle, Sightseeing Cruise, Tozan Cable Car and Hakone Ropeway.   As amazing as Japenese are, they have made the trip to Hakone very accessible and fun with amazing pit stops. There is so much packed in the trip to relax or exhaust yourself completely, depending on how you plan your itinerary. With more than 20 attraction stops we were lucky to do most of the place in a day trip.

Tip: I would highly recommend doing a 2 night trip to Hakone to enjoy the Hotels, Onsen Experience (open bath), Mt Fuji views, Sulpher mountain and various modes of transportation

Where to buy Hakone Free Pass and Free Coupon Booklet?

The pass can be purchased at major railway stations and ticket counters along the Odakyu Railway Line,  including Shinjuku Station in central Tokyo and Odawara Station, Hakone-Yumoto Station and Mishima Station inside the free area. Alternatively, the pass is sold by major travel agents inside Japan, and the 2-day pass can also be purchased online.

Use the coupon booklet during your trip at various eateries, shops and hotels to get a discount. Booklet also contains pages for your kids to get them stamped at various attractions.

Upgrade to Romancecar

Once you have bought the Hakone Day Pass and are at the Shinjuku station Odakyu line platforms for Hakone Yumoto, look or ask for ticket machines selling Romance Car tickets. These trains are similar to Shinkansen trains which are more luxurious and comfortable.

Tickets for Romance car, an Odakyu limited express train can be bought by paying normal fare + limited express surcharge. Holders of Hakone Free pass do not need to pay the normal fare.

Why buy a Romance Car upgrade?

  • Direct Shinjuku to Hakone Yomoto- Other wise you need to change trains at Odawara for Hakone
  • More comfortable and luxurious
  • Perfect for taking a nap early in the day or after finishing your excursion.
  • As we had time only for a day trip we all slept like babies after the whole day of excursion.


Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 12.44.04 AM
Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 12.44.47 AM

Main Attractions on this Trip

Japan (205 of 260).jpg
Odawara Station
  • Sengokukhara Pampas Grass Fields
  • Owakudani – Sulpher Mountains
  • Hakone Shrine
  • Hakone Gora Park – First French Garden
Japan (232 of 260)
Gora Park
  • Lake Ashi sightseeing cruise
Japan (207 of 260)
Lake Ashi
  • Onsens
  • Museums
  • Amazing Hikes
  • Yumoto Kenba – Geisha Show
  • Amazing hotels nestled deep into the mountains with views of Mt Fuji

An amazing blend of modern comfort with nature and an experience of a lifetime.


Official Odakyu site with Hakone Pass Info

Details about Romance Car


Lost Bandar belongs to nature and nature belongs to it. To be lost on purpose and to travel with an awareness and sense of belonging is what makes me complete. The Joy of travelling with my wife and daughter makes me more responsible, more aware and lets me plan an adventure, which is challenging and calculated at the same time. Stamps on our passports or boarding passes to places all across are medals for the trips we took, of which we can be proud of for the rest of our lives. We now stop often to admire the world and let nature be our teacher. So I choose to travel to learn and discover. Join my family and me on our next adventure, and together let's get lost in transition. #Beinglostbandar


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