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Walking the Talk”
Walking into Hyatt Andaz is like visiting a flea market; where you can try amazing food, learn more about new recipes during your interactions and take few ingredients home.
Their menu has India written all over it. Indian spices and herbs add flavour to the bland continental dishes and make them even more delicious. Local fruits, veggies, herbs and spices are sourced from people who need support and encourage right farming practices.

A wall on one end of the café is dedicated books, crockery and souvenirs on sale. The theme is Delhi and its history, and every item that you buy will remind you of your visit here.

Food and Service

Go crazy trying dishes like

– Lamb & Spinach Patty Himalayan Timur pepper, onion compote and creamy mash

– Sauteed Swiss chard, baby carrots, Chilli flakes and melon seeds

– Amritsari goat milk Paneer Tikka, Mint Chutney

– Dohi maach, Bengali fish curry

Service is crisp, professional and friendly. The way these guys are dressed say “hey wassup” when entering, rather than ‘hello’.

Have fun in this vibrant café

Bon Appétit

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