Colours of Ahilya in Maheshwar

The Drums are beating loud and fast, my vision is blurred. Maybe it is the bhang, the colourful faces of people around hailing from 6 countries, or the funniest bhangra dance steps I’ve ever seen. I lift my head to catch my breath, my wife throws marigold petals on my face which already look multicoloured in shades of green, yellow, red, pink and purple. This feeling is that of pure, unadulterated joy and as I hug my wife wishing her a happy holi for the 20th time, I realise that I’ll remember this one for the rest of my life…

Someone’s at the Door – Part 2

If sleeping would be a crime I would be writing this in jail. You’ll know all about it by the end of the story. A lot has happened since things were seen flying down my balcony courtesy of my 2-year-old a few months ago during the lockdown. I’ve heard and experienced terrible twos with my…

Butter Chicken saves the Day

Inspiration is all around us and sometimes it’s within, just like Umesh people around you have risen up to the occasion, thought out of the box and worked harder than before. With deep gratitude I thank them all for proving yet again that this too shall pass. Hope to see everyone on the other side of COVID pandemic.

Biking through COVID 19

One evening as I was coming back home after visiting a friend of mine. I halted at one of the traffic lights and the front number plate flew off on the road. I got off, picked it up and stuck it right back.

Covid 19- The Dream Bike -Part 2

So there it was, the latest and fastest bike in the market at the time, a green Hero Honda CBZ. I had the time of my life exploring the roads of Delhi and it felt like the world was my playground.   At the end of 6 months and after a lot of contemplation, I was…

Love is sharing (or tossing!) your popcorn

Originally posted on Assortment of Madness:
My dad’s experiences, his stories have always been peculiar. But let me, for now, shift the focus from one weird person in my life to another – introducing my good friend, Rohit aka Lost Bandar. Rohit and I had a choppy start. Rocky for me, rocking for him. Now…

10 Things to do with Kids in New York

Some time the best way to explore a city especially with kids is slow. You start seeing the same place in new light. Well it is an art to slow down in a city like New York.

Nostalgia in the time of COVID-19

As she left I realised that there’s a month before the new session begins, so we have to meet at least once in Delhi. So I went over to one of my friends, to whom words came like the morning breeze. He used to write poems, he remembered lyrics from songs, he read a lot and most importantly he helped friends like me who couldn’t think beyond saying “Would you like to go out with me?”.

Lockdown: Someone’s at the Door

I went to open the main door to find our neighbor Mr. Bhutani from the 8th floor looking very tense, he blurted out aloud that “your stuff has been flying off your balcony for some time now”.

Butter Chicken in Not so Easy Steps

Sharing about the fond culinary experience from childhood in my last blog got me thinking about that time and, of course, the butter chicken. Since we were also running out of groceries, I decided that it was time for me to step out against all odds.

Memories of the Butter Chicken

The Lockdown has stirred up an array of beautiful memories over the last one month. The journey so far has made it possible to reflect on these beautiful times spent with parents and friends.

Age of Plenty- History of Delhi through its Food

The Age of Plenty never got over in Delhi — And though it was looted and devastated Delhi, for months the streets were filled with tears and blood, but one thing that no one was able to take was the taste of Delhi.